Riley Brooklands 1928

Riley as found (Stripped Out)
Riley as found (Stripped Out)

Collinson Jaguar were excited to be given the work to restore this important car. The first Brooklands Riley cars were made by Thompson and Taylor at Brooklands with chassis numbers starting 60/_ _, some cars went to the Riley factory at Coventry and were re-listed as 80_ _. It can clearly show in the photographs that this car started out as chassis No. 60/17 and was altered to 8017 which was consistent with the factory policy.

Riley as found
As found

Chassis 60/17 was registered in Surrey in 1928 as PK2706 and was driven by SCH (Sammy) Davis of Autocar fame in the Essex Motor Club Brooklands Six Hour Race, in which he retired with big end failure.

The car had been stripped when it arrived, with much research before starting work it was decided to change the wheels from the original 5 stud to a 6 stud fixing which also incorporated larger brakes, (this was a modification offered by Riley).

Assortment of removed part
Assortment of removed parts

The engine, gearbox and axle were stripped, inspected, cleaned and rebuilt as necessary.

Most components were shot blasted then zinc or powder coated. Modified brake linkage was fabricated to connect the front cables to the rear rod operated brake system via a compensator.

The front and rear axle had to be changed to up rate the 6 stud wheel fixings, modifications and brackets were made to use the original shock absorbers.

Engine & Gearbox
Engine & Gearbox

The chassis and body work carried out by Terry Roberts ( The chassis were found to be three inches out if alignment, the 'swan neck' part of the offside chassis had been plated on both sides and held together with nuts and bolts, under these plates the chassis had two large cracks, the nearside rear spring hanger was badly out of align and a new tube had to be fitted. New wings, bonnet and aero screen scoop were fabricated in aluminium. (All original parts have been retained).

The car was completed in time for the Brooklands Centenary in June 2007 and took part in the parade.

Plate bolted to chassis swan neck. After removal, cracked chassis
Plate bolted to chassis
Bent N/S rear spring hanger
Bent N/S rear spring hanger
Original 5 stud hub
Original 5 stud hub
Ready for the bodyshop
Ready for the body shop
Front chassis legs after being straightened, shot blasted & primed
Front chassis legs
Terry Roberts of Heritage Motor Works (Right) with Cliff
Cliff with Terry Roberts
Petrol tank cut open to inspect (Left). New larger tank being made (Right).
Larger petrol tank being made
Steering box after being stripped, cleaned & repaired
Steering box
Chassis ready for rebuild
Chassis ready for re-build
Starting to rebuild the car
Starting to re-build the car
Back to Bodyshop for new bonnet, wings & valance being fabricated
New bonnet, wings & valance
Malcolm (Left) & John at Brookwood Centenary waiting to go onto the test track in the holding area
Brookwood Centenary
Heading for the track & first road test
First road test!
Confirmation of chassis No.
Confirmation of chassis No.

Malcolm with grandaughter Evie in the Riley Brooklands at the Mike Hawthorn memorial commemoration
January 2009

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